NEXT: a Next Generation Ministry Podcast, formerly "When You Gonna Be a Real pastor?", was started by two New England Christian & Missionary Alliance youth pastors. 


Ryan Baker and Zach Hummer began the podcast out of a passion for youth ministry. They desired to train youth workers on best ministry practices that they've picked up along their journeys, as well as bringing awareness to current happenings in youth culture, with a few laughs along the way. Okay...who are we kidding...lots of laughs. Youth Ministry has changed drastically with every passing decade, and Ryan and Zach knew they could help bring great insight into the youth ministry sphere.

After a few episodes they were discovered by Alliance Youth Consultant, Dan Boal, who invited them to become the official podcast of Alliance Youth. It's proved to be an amazing partnership, both for Zach and Ryan, as well as the 1,500 youth workers the Alliance serves.


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Zach Hummer is the Creative Arts and Worship Pastor at Emmanuel in Foxboro Massachusetts, and has been a part of the C&MA ever since his best friend invited him to youth group in 2001. Before grabbing a pair of slim fit jeans and trendy mint green plastic-rimmed glasses, Zach was a Youth Pastor just like you. He was better than you, but you get the idea. Zach is passionate about teaching the Next Generation and Equipping Youth Workers of all kinds to grow into great leaders. Zach is married to Anna and is the proud dad of Josie, Emily, Samantha, and Benny. He also cares deeply for reclaimed wood and locally-sourced, fair trade, certified organic coffee roasters. He also listens to a lot of NPR.



Ryan is the Youth & Worship Pastor at Christ Chapel in Connecticut. He’s a veteran youth pastor who enjoys long walks on the beach with a large order of French fries in one hand, and a sausage & pepper sandwich in the other. Watch out for his alter ego Tommy Tommicelli, he’s a pretty tough and old Italian guy.


With passion and banter, Ryan & Zach share their insightful wisdom with youth and children's workers. Whether you're a seasoned vet, or a volunteer asking the question, "How did I get here?" NEXT will be an asset to your ministry and spiritual life.

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